Inflatable Boats of Florida is proud to carry and service Yamaha, Evinrude, Suzuki, Mercury, and Honda outboard motors. With our wide selection of represented brands at IBOF, we can match your inflatable boat with the quality, power, and durability that performs. IBOF scheduled warranty maintenance and technical services will keep your engine running at top efficiency for years of enjoyment.


Repowering Your Boat

IBOF can assist our clients in repowering and upgrading their inflatable boats. Our marine technicians will help you assess your needs and help you plan the repowering process. When you are considering an upgrade to your outboard motor. Please call us at:

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Questions About Repowering Your Boat

Repowering is a great way to extend the life of your power boat. Yet there’s more to consider than just bolting on your new outboards. Here are some questions to ask yourself, or your boat mechanic, before you repower your outboard boat.

1. Should I increase outboard horsepower when I repower?

If that’s not clear, contact your boat’s manufacturer or manual. Your boat’s USCG capacity plate will suggest the maximum rated horsepower. Boats perform at their best with the maximum rated horsepower. Plus, you’ll often get the best fuel economy because the engine is not struggling.

2. Should I change engine manufacturers for my inflatable boat repower?

The biggest reason to change your current brand is reliability or performance. Other reasons may include warranty terms, or manufacturer discontinuations of a platforms.

3. Should I change the number of outboards? Can I add an engine?

Most likely this will not be an option for your boat due to structural work to prep the transom, the increased weight and boat stability concerns.

4. Should I get new controls and instruments for my repower?

Yes, it’s a good idea to update all the rigging — steering, throttle and shift, cables, electrical harnesses, battery cables, and instruments.

5. Should I install new fuel-system components?

Yes, replace boat’s fuel hoses with new Coast Guard-approved, ethanol-resistant hoses when your repower your outboard boat. This is also the time to make sure you have a 10-micron water-separating fuel filter for each engine.

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