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Rigid Dinghy WB10


Boasting all the same innovative features as the Walker Bay 8, the Walker Bay 10 is roomier and comes with a reinforced gunwale, integrated cup holders, a non-slip cockpit floor and is rated for a higher a higher horsepower motor and person capacity.

Optional Tube Kit:
Walker Bay’s Rigid Inflatable Dinghy (RID) combines the best features of a reliable hard-shell dinghy with the stability and utility of an inflatable. The Variable Profile Design (VPD) tube, unique to Walker Bay®, engages with the water only when required. Available in Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM fabric, the RID offers a tender solution for everyone


  • One piece HIMC hull
  • Non-slip cockpit floor
  • Integrated motor/tiller mount
  • Adjustable rowing footrest
  • Insulated cup holders
  • Wheel in the Keel™
  • Stainless steel bow eye
  • One way drain plug
  • Add-a™ Inflatable Tube ready
  • Sail kit ready


Dimensions (ft-m)
Length Overall   9''8'
Inside Length     9'4''
Beam                4'9''
Inside Beam       4'5''
Tube Diameter    optional

Hull Storage (ft-m)
Hull Length    9'8''
Hull Width     4'9''
Hull Height    -

Outboard Data
Shaft Length            Short
Max power               3 hp
Max speed                -
Max. Motor Weight    38 lbs

Passengers(ISO)           3
Load Capacity     449 lbs
Airtight compartments    n/a
Total weight                 126 lbs

All Dimensions & Weights indicated have a tolerance of plus or minus 3% and 5% respectively. Weights as measured for lifting purposes do not include removable seat and oars.

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