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Breeze 10 Sail Kit


Introducing the Breeze. Designed for fun on the water, the Breeze is super easy for anyone to rig and sail and features an easy-to-handle compact sailing rig and PVC stability tube. The high aspect ratio sail design provides better light wind performance, while the higher angled boom allows for more head room. An inflatable tube increases stability and safety and acts as a splash guard making the boat dry while sailing. The Breeze is a fun and easy way to learn to sail or just enjoy being on the water.


      • High aspect ratio sail design
      • Battened mainsail
      • Easy to rig jib sail
      • Retractable aluminum rudder
      • Aluminum daggerboard
      • Color coded lines
      • Collapsible mast for easy transport or storage
      • Quick release button to attach/ detach rudder

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