SPD Series



These solid sport tenders have been a staple in the Achilles lineup for over 30 years.

And in all that time we have never stopped making them better.

We have modified the tube design of these models to incorporate a lateral seam, giving the boat a sleeker, more modern European looking design. In addition we have changed the floorboards on the SPD–E series so the rear 3 boards are now aluminum and only the front 2 bow boards are painted marine plywood. This results in a new floorboard system that will require less maintenance and offers increased durability. The combination of these changes in the hull/tube and floor design offer improvement in both style and performance.

Their square bow configuration allows for more interior space and the V-shaped fiberglass transom and inflatable keel deliver better tracking and performance. These deluxe tenders also feature large tube diameters and Performax tubes for better stability, performance and load capacities. They also feature a host of deluxe features such as non-slip, foam-matted floorboards, aluminum floor joints and stringers for a more rigid floor system, and a foam matted wood seat that can be attached in two different locations. If you compare fabric, features, and price with competing brands you'll see what a great value these SPD tenders really are.


  • Achilles CSM fabric
  • V-shaped fiberglass encased transom
  • foam-matted floorboards and seat
  • extra seat attachment patches
  • aluminum battens and stringers
  • bow carry handle
  • internal bow lifting D-ring
  • fold-down locking oar system with oar holders
  • rear carry handles
  • two-piece break-down aluminum oars
  • protective transom motor clamp plate
  • foot pump
  • carry bag; (2 bags for SPD-335 and SPD-365)
  • full length tear drop rubbing strake
  • maintenance kit


Dimensions (ft-m)
Length Overall   10'2" - 3.10
Inside Length     7'3" - 2.20
Beam                5'2" - 1.58
Inside Beam       2'4" - 0.72
Tube Diameter    17" - 0.43

Hull Storage (ft-m)
Hull Length    3'9" - 1.15
Hull Width     1'11" - 0.58
Hull Height    1'1" - 0.34

Outboard Data
Shaft Length            15" Short
Max power               10 hp
Max speed                -
Max. Motor Weight    110 lbs

Passengers(ISO)           4
Max payload Allowed     1,190 lbs
Airtight compartments    3
Total weight                 128 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity        External Tank

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